The main purpose and object of this college is to make your child a good student, diligent and industrious, honest and truthful, just and fair in dealing with all, Please help us in this great and noble task.

01 Admissions to all classes are usually held in April for the following academic year for which registration should be done on the prescribed form. Forms are obtainable for a fee in the college office.

02 There will be written test and interview of both the parents and the child before the child is selected for admission on a date and time intimated at the time of registration.

03 Admission will be made on the result of the test interview depending on the number of se3ats available in the class concerned. Parents and guardian should not put undue pressure on the Principal for admission through recommendations or through any other source.

04 Parents/guardians of the candidates selected for admission are required to fill up a prescribed admission form and submit it duly singed. No admission forms are issued to anyone to carry home.

05 They should also present a Transfer Certificate of their son/daughter from the college last attended. Those students coming from outside the District should have their transfer certificate counter signed by the competent Educational Authority of that place.

06 The condition of the admission is that the parents/guardians comply strictly with the terms and rules here in stated and pay the tuition fees and other charges laid down by due date. Any future changes made in the prospectus regarding rules or tuition fees or any other charges will also be binding on them.

07 Generally the admission of candidates from other schools shall not be made on the strength of a Transfer Certificate but will be subjected to a regular written test in Hindi, Maths, Science and English, but students from un-recognised schools will be subject to a test in all subjects and admitted to the class for which they are found fit.